10 video editing apps for TikTok

Top 10 Video Editing Apps For TikTok In 2020

TikTok is a short video platform where users can create videos up to 1 minute. It has a huge library of animation effects and filters. It is sufficient for basic video editing and one-take videos. But when you want complex video editing or multi-take videos, it does not work very well. Other video editing apps are handy then.

Below I will discuss the top ten apps that you can use for complex video editing to adding different animation effects.

1. Inshot

InShot Video editor

Number of downloads: 100 Million

Download: Android & iOS

InShot is the most popular and top video editor. You can make slow-motion videos, add music and filters, and much more. You can fit your video to any ratio and can export it in HD quality. Most features are free excluding some paid filters. You can unlock them for 10$/year and export videos without watermark.

2. Funimate


Number of downloads: 10 Million

Download: Android & iOS

Funimate is a complete video editor. You can even upload your videos on Funimate just like tikTok. Users can follow you, like your videos.

In other words, its a freemium TikTok (but with small userbase) where users have to pay around 7$/month to unlock premium filters, transitions, and effects. You can add magic effects to your videos, such as a magic mirror, light, storm, moving ghost, vintage and many more. It has a huge library of stickers. You can add music, text to your videos too.

3. Vizmato


Number of downloads: 1 Million

Download: Android iOS

Do you want nifty features of InShot and beautiful effects of Funimate in one place?

Vizmato is the app to get them together. You can cut, trim and stitch multiple clips together. Don’t forget to try its play a video in reverse feature. It has a voice changer feature too. You can easily replace your voice with baby, chipmunk, etc.

It has free and paid plans. Paid plans also provide access to the library of excellent audio tracks.

4. Magisto


Number of downloads: 50 Million

Download: Android & iOS

Magisto is another video editor that you can use to enhance your TikTok videos on your mobile device. You can upload videos from your gallery and Google Drive account. And enhance them by adding effects, music, and titles. For the best experience, you have to purchase the premium version.

5. Quik


Number of downloads: 100 Million

Download: Android & iOS

Quik is one of the top video editors. You can add fonts, text styles and edit your video in 23 unique video editing styles. Its completely free app. So plug and play now.

6. Videoshow


Number of downloads: 100 Million

Download: Android & iOS

It offers several professional video editing functions on mobile. You can take your video editing to the next level by using 50 pre-designed themes, background music pieces, font styles, filters, and many more.

7. Vivavideo

Viva Video

Number of downloads: 100 Million

Download: Android iOS

This app is one of the oldest apps in the video editing sphere. But it keeps on updating itself. It has a very simple interface and very easy for new users.

You can turn your average TikTok videos into extraordinary ones using its editing features, which include slow and fast motion, trimming, merging, effects, filters, stickers, animations, clips and so on. In free subscription, it adds a small watermark. You can export videos in the HD quality without watermark by paying for a premium subscription.

8. Timbre


Number of downloads: 1 Million

Download: Android & iOS

Its interface is simple and it provides basic features. It is best for stitching multiple videos together. It supports almost all file formats. You can cut songs or videos/ turn gifs into animated videos. You can speed up or slow down your video.

The only downside of this video editor is, it doesn’t let you preview the video before you export it.

9. Videoshop


Number of downloads: 10 Million

Download: Android & iOS

Videoshop is a good alternative. Its features include adding sound effects, filters, transitions, animated, titles, changing videos to slow motion and a lot more.

Just import clip and start editing the video.

10. Beecut


Number of downloads: 100 Thousands

Download: Android & iOS

Last but not least, BeeCut is my go-to video editor. You can enhance your videos by adding filters, transitions, text and much more. You can export your videos in different aspect ratios, such as 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 3:4 and etc. which you can use on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and so on. This feature alone is enough to install it on your phone.


Spice up your TikTok videos by using any or all video editors and get more likes and followers on TikTok.

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