Hey there! 🤝

My name is Falak Sher.

Fasten your seat-belt as rollercoaster will go through different phases of my life.

I was a shining student with one aim to get into med school. In 2016, I secured admission to med school for a prestigious Bachelor In Medicine and Surgery degree.

Then things started changing. I lost interest in Medicine. And interest in marketing increased over time.

I felt 

The grass is always greener on the other side.

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And I went to explore the "other side." This other side is the online field. And I don't why I keep on reading marketing articles one by one for years. I still read them today. (Now I write ✍️ too)

Soon, it changed into an obsession.

Time flew, and I kept on practicing my learnings.

Building an email list to 300 from one Facebook post to getting 100,000 impressions on twitter in 24 hours without spending a dime were my initial achievements. 

Now, I am aiming for the moon. Personally, I don't like to hit a star.

The main purpose of starting this blog is (and will be) to polish your TikTok skills.